Delfina Ester Raimundo Munguambe – MOZAMBIQUE

Born in the village of Fomento, outside Matola in Mozambique, Delfina arrived in South Africa in 1998 to join her son’s father. Her son is now 20-year old son and she owns a small salon in Ebony Park, Midrand. This woman has shown great contribution towards the people in the area and she is the embodiment of Ubuntu. She is teaches drama, dance and poems to the children from various charity centres around Tembisa. She is always willing to help other vulnerable South Africans with food, money, clothes, etc. During this year’s International Mandela Day she gave presents to elderly people and pampered them with a nail treatment out of her own pocket. She also contributes towards building a better community by teaching youth to does basic beading work. She is an exemplary to other foreign nationals and is credited for investing so much in the youth of South Africa that when there are beauty contests and other events where youth are involved, she donates traditional earrings, free salon services and some clothes to the aged. Every year on Women’s Day and Valentine’s Day she gives all the women earrings. Delfina speaks a few of local languages such as Zulu, Xhosa, Sepedi, Tswana, Tsonga, and English and can deliver a speech in most of the South African languages with ease. She is a mother, friend and sister to her host community.


Bliss Chemicals – Shoaib Iqbal

Bliss Brands (Pty) Ltd was officially opened in 2003 by Mr Shoaib Iqbal the Managing Director in Wadeville, Gauteng, South Africa. Bliss has been trading for 11 years manufacturing, selling, marketing and distributing MAQ Washing Powder and other products in the Fabric, Kitchen and Personal Care categories both nationally and internationally. Mr Iqbal had been involved in trading in Africa for many years and wanted to open a manufacturing company in Africa and decided on South Africa. Bliss Brands is 100% foreign investment and a family owned business with MAQ washing powder being a South African product manufactured on the premises in Wadeville, Gauteng. With a change in democracy in South Africa and a policy of ‘free-trade’, an obvious gap was identified in the South African market. The consumer had limited options available when it came to washing powders and it was evident to Mr Iqbal that despite perception it was not impossible to offer the South African market an affordable branded quality washing powder. In addition to being good for consumers who now have a choice within this market, the launch of MAQ has also assisted the economy of South Africa.

Bliss Chemicals (Pty) Ltd is a well-established and one of the leading manufacturers of Spray Dried Washing Powder in South Africa. Its highly skilled technical team is always busy in manufacturing Premium Quality Washing Powder with best raw materials on state-of-the-art plant. Their aim is to supply consumers the best quality detergent at affordable price. Operating Since 2003, the company employs approximately 300 South African nationals in the manufacturing, selling, marketing and distribution of MAQ Washing Powder nationally and exporting to Mozambique, Angola, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and Namibia.


Abdikadir Khalif Mohamed

Abdikadir Khalif Mohamed came to South Africa more than 10 years ago as an asylum seeker. This person has been instrumental in the integration of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in South Africa. He has recognised the disadvantaged position of migrants, as well as the potential contributions they have to offer to the country. Potential contributions that unfortunately remain unexploited.

This winning candidate has worked directly with migrants themselves, providing them with direct emergency assistance, training and workshops or volunteering his time as an interpreter at hospitals, civil society or in contact with government institutions. He has tirelessly brought migrant entrepreneurs and South African entrepreneurs together in order to promote social cohesion, business linkage and conflict resolution. He furthermore is an active lobbyist with all relevant stakeholders to promote the rights of migrants. In short, he feels at home with the migrant communities as well as with the South Africans, and strives to integrate the two ever closer. He does so from the alleys of the informal settlements, and the streets of the CBD of Pretoria, to the government board rooms, Embassies and High Commissions in the capital.


Khama Billiat – ZIMBABWE

The Zimbabwean international striker has enjoyed a Herculean year. He helped Mamelodi Sundowns win the league title with Mamelodi Sundowns. But most importantly, the twinkle-toed forward played a pivotal role in the Brazilians journey to the CAF Champions League crown. It was a team effort but Billiat’s contribution ranked right up with the best. As things stand, he is in Japan, where his side will compete in the FIFA Club World Cup.



Since 2000, South African-born Dineo Meko has participated in numerous initiatives in Bosnia, EU communities, Belize, USA, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana and Gabon doing marvellous work for social development and conflict resolution as well as saving kidnapped African sold to an Australian family by an international humanitarian aid organisation. She is kind, fearless and speaks 14 African language dialects including French, German and Italian. She is a mentor, pastor and very compassionate person who really cares about others. South Africa must know about her while she is alive and not hear about her work after her death, she is fighting Afro phobia and is a mediator in traditional governance.

South Africa needs her especially in Dept. of Home Affairs as she has worked with refugees in Europe and understands immigration policies.


Thembelihle Crisis Committee – JOHANNESBURG

Thembelihle is an informal settlement in the South of Johannesburg, near Lenasia. It has historically, been portrayed as one of the major hotspots for xenophobia in Johannesburg. This community-based organisation has been able to directly confront anti-immigrant sentiment and acts of violence against foreign nationals. They have identified themselves both as peaceful champions of service delivery activism and as the local leading anti-xenophobia organisation. The crisis committee has not only assisted in reintegration of displaced person, but also managed to locate and return stolen items to foreign nationals who were robbed and displaced. The Thembelihle community has suffered much trauma and the crisis committee’s work is extremely important.